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Fingerprint Recognition
Finger Vein Recognition
Palm / Vein Recognition
Iris Recognition
Hand Geometry Recognition
Signature Recognition
Face Recognition
Voice Recognition
Brain Activity Recognition
Typing Recognition
Real-life examples about using IdentaMaster® PRO
Office workstations are full of important data that must be secured against hackers or “too curious” colleagues. IdentaMaster® Pro replaces your password with biometrics that effectively protect you from criminals who want to steal your data. IdentaMaster® Pro keeps your biometric encrypted data safe even when you use shared cloud storage – nobody can open the biometric encrypted files except an authorized person.With IdentaMaster® Pro, you can also combine various biometric technologies and double-protect sensitive data. Who can hack a file encrypted with your iris and palm vein?
IdentaMaster® Pro supports unlimited accounts and every enrolled user is able to sign in to their account in a few seconds. It is fast and it is easy. Just scan a finger, say a phrase or look at the camera – no names, no passwords, pure privacy.

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My company used an outdated biometric devices from Upek and we were searching for the application that supports major modern scanners without modification of our system to support employee authentication. We wouldn’t like to make individual ‘installations per device vendor’ once we try new technology. We were trying couple software, but with very low degree of satisfaction. Finally, we get IdentaMaster® Pro and now there are multiple modern biometric devices could be tested within single application. It is absolute unification and great plugin-based technology! No individual installations per device! It cuts our future expenses and IT time in our organization. by Joseph J.
I am working in the Hospital. On everyday basis, our users required to proceed biometric access as a organizational policy. Unfortunately, some individuals still struggled working with particular scanners. We were desperately needed a software that enabled plugging, switching and testing biometric scanners so people could find what suits them best. Our management encountered wonderful product – IdentaMaster® Pro. First, it completely fits our Domain Access policy rules and, second, what is really important – our users now can connect scanner to which they are better adopted. We ordered Crossmatch and few Secugen plugins and planning test Fujitsu PalmSecure next month. It is really unique application we found in the industry. by Chris C.
I am Head of Technology Operation in Data Storage Facility and my firm focused on data security strategy. We are processing and storing enormous amount of data and encryption technologies are extremely critical. With IdentaMaster® Pro technology we extended our data storage encryption technique with biometric capabilities. It allowed us to reach next level of protection: modern, reliable, secure and convenient. I definitely recommend IdentaMaster ® Pro security model to any organization where information safety is a top priority. by Lu C.
IdentaMaster® Pro support team appeared to be highly professional. Our IT manager have ordered biometric plugins and devices and setup IdentaZone’s application on our Microsoft Domain Network. It took few minutes to activate the system and our employees was absolutely amazed how fast and convenient biometric logon became. Within minutes, IdentaZone’s team responded and assisted to activate application. 100% satisfaction. by Mayra J.