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IdentaMessage® Pro – patented Certified Universal Confidential Communication Service is a secure service that ensures privacy of electronic communications by encrypting messages between corporate users, utilizing biometric authentication procedure of sender and recipients. Decryption occurs only when recipient successfully authenticates. It works across numerous electronic communication channels including email, fax, ftp, data files, and data exchanges over social networks for consumer.

IdentaMessage® Pro, engine that ensures the sender and the recipient of any digital communication, are who they say they are.

IdentaMessage® Pro works independently of communication standards, transfer protocols and encryption methods, to provide a universal bridge between organizations to guarantee safe and secure electronic communications and offers Complete Freedom to Choose What Works Best Multiple Layer Platform Independence Service:
  • Biometric Technologies Independence
  • Encryption Platform Independence
  • Data Transport Protocol Independence

IdentaMessage returns complete security and privacy to communication.

IdentaMessage® offers total flexibility for clients to combine instantly with any enterprise or social network, third-party solution, and authentication system

Finger Vein Recognition
Palm / Vein Recognition
Iris Recognition
Hand Geometry Recognition
Signature Recognition
Face Recognition
Voice Recognition
Brain Activity Recognition
Typing Recognition