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IdentaCloud® – the cloud based patented Universal Independent Biometric Authentication Service that overcomes the limitations of adopting biometrics as a secure means of identity verification. – One Solution for any Industry – Single Sign–on Authentication Service.

IdentaCloud® best-of-breed, universal technology helps protects access to logical or physical resources by enabling the use of virtually any biometrics technologies regardless of vendor, industry market, application type or software platform employed. Organizations choose the optimal set of biometric technologies and scanners for their situation to achieve the level of identity authentication and digital communications security they require. The Independent Authentication Cloud Service independent framework allows straightforward integration of any combination of biometric devices, algorithms, communication protocols and encryption methods, quickly and easily, without storing or sharing confidential information.

IdentaZone®’s exclusive technology employs patented service that works in concert with the algorithms of all biometric and non-biometric security companies to overcome biometric-adoption hurdles.

With IdentaCloud® Service virtually any diverse security solution — including biometrics such as fingerprint, signatures, palm vein, keystroke dynamics, and facial, iris, and voice recognition —interoperate regardless of vendor, application type, hardware or software platform.

IdentaCloud® offers total flexibility for clients to combine instantly with any enterprise or social network, third party solution, and authentication system The solution ensures privacy of confidential information and access by only authorized individuals via its patented, universal cloud-based middleware biometric identity technology.

There is no personally identifiable user information in the database (i.e. name, SSN, driver’s license) and as a result it can be safely used inside any industry (financial, insurance, health, government etc.) and across multiple industries; this makes it virtually impossible to steal or hack client information from IdentaZone, which is very important for any industry.

Finger Vein Recognition
Palm / Vein Recognition
Iris Recognition
Hand Geometry Recognition
Signature Recognition
Face Recognition
Voice Recognition
Brain Activity Recognition
Typing Recognition